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Personal Training for Seniors and Pre/Post Rehab Patients

Standard group exercise programs provided in gyms or retirement home communities lack specific strengthening methods needed by aging clients. Count on Practical Fitness to provide personal training for seniors that builds strength, stamina, balance, and mobility for you or your elderly loved one.

How We Can Help

Our safe and effective methods help individuals continue living the active lifestyles that they enjoy. Functional Fitness for every stage.

We also assist with carrying out instructions from you or your loved one’s healthcare provider or physical therapist and act as a bridge for our clients crossing from a structured clinical treatment to a home-based exercise program. Whether you or your loved one is coming home from a prolonged hospital stay or months of rehabilitation, we can help continue prescribed therapeutic exercises. You or your family member can regain proper muscle function and achieve a higher level of fitness.

Practical Fitness Personal Training for Seniors are quick to adapt our exercise programs as you or your loved one ages or a change in medical status occurs. In the event of an observed change in behavior, physical function, vital signs, alertness, or medical condition, we will immediately report the issue to the emergency contact provided or get in touch through the emergency system. Additionally, we can provide progress reports to you or your family member’s healthcare provider.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Exercise Screening
  • Multidimensional Balance and Mobility Assessments
  • Functional Fitness Assessment
  • Supervised and Safe Exercise Training
  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Range of Motion Exercises
  • Balance, Stability, Strength, and Power Training
  • Assistance With Daily Walking Exercise
  • Cancer Recovery Training
  • Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, Osteoporosis, and Movement or Central Nervous System Training
  • Environmental Home Safety Check 

So many people stop exercising when their physical therapy plan comes to an end and they regress or they over-do exercise and end up re-injuring themselves. We bridge the gap so you can return to your activities of daily life and learn how to get where you can exercise safely on your own.

"Michael fish would be the person that comes to mind if I ever needed a PT for a a member of my family! I highly recommend his talent and experience!" - Anita Kincaid, Home Health Care Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Practical Fitness for Older Adults covered by insurance?

We have been able to help many older adults stay healthy and independent and reduce healthcare costs. However, this service is not covered by insurance. Our clients have received many benefits and have been able to avoid or postpone the high fees that come with the increasing need for assistance in activities of daily living and health care.

Does Practical Fitness Personal Training for Seniors have liability insurance?

Yes. Practical Fitness professionals are required to have liability insurance and are required to maintain continued education in order to maintain certifications.

Does Practical Fitness have references?

Several of our current clients and/or their family members would be happy to talk to you. Please let us know, and we can provide you with their contact information. Please also view our testimonials page.

To schedule an in-home consultation, call 615-525-4932 or send us a message today!

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