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Balance, Stability, Strength, and Power Training,

Practical Fitness provides in-home training to clients in Nashville, Tennessee. Our certified Senior Fitness Specialist helps aging adults who are interested in staying strong, slowing the aging process and preventing injuries. We also work with clients who have recently been injured or had surgery and need post-rehabilitation support.

Michael has worked with clients that have Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Neurological Issues, Heart Diseases, Arthritis, knee and shoulder replacements, dislocated shoulders, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and other bone, joint and muscle issues. Occupational and physical therapeutic approaches are incorporated into every session. Michael's expertise is the bridge between post-injury physical therapy and independence.

Michael Fish, Owner and Fitness Trainer

Michael Fish got his start in the fitness industry in 1999 when he began to train professionally. He has gained extensive experience as a former golden gloves boxer and competitive athlete, having played several sports throughout his life.

Michael’s dedication to helping older adults began from his own personal experience. When he had trouble finding a specialist to work with his aging parents who lived far from him, he realized there was a need for professional trainers to work with the aging population. He then decided to focus his attention toward helping seniors live independently and keeping fit through specialized exercises.

As injuries have mounted for himself from engaging in contact sports, medical issues and the aging process - Michael shifted his focus from exclusively working with older adults to also helping those like himself that want to continue doing what they love despite their newfound struggle. 

Today, Michael specializes in working with aging and injured individuals. He helps clients rehab their injuries while still providing a comprehensive workout to meet their fitness goals. Michael trains people with neurological disorders, joint injuries and those wanting to age well. He has trained wheelchair-bound clients, military veterans and former athletes. His clients appreciate that he visits their homes and brings all the training equipment needed.

One of his greatest joys is seeing people realize their potential and watching them gain confidence through their workouts. "I always love when a client tells me that they caught themselves from falling, they were able to do something that they were unable to do for years, they feel stronger and more stable or that they are able to do something that they love or enjoy due to our workouts."

Michael’s Certifications

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Older Adult Exercise Specialist
  • Post Rehab Exercise Specialist
  • Mayofascial Release
  • Boxing Specialist
  • Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
  • CEU's in Occupational and Physical Therapies
  • CPR and AED
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